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  • I believe Yoga, exercise & good nutrition are at the heart of a focused mind
  • I believe Yoga, exercise & good nutrition are at the heart of an energised body
  • I believe  immersion in our beautiful, natural world lifts the spirits
  • My Yoga & Wellbeing Retreats encapsulate these beliefs
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Yoga & Wellbeing Retreats

Heart & Sole Yoga & Wellbeing Retreats were created as simple, holistic experiences to regain the beautiful balance of healthy mind and body.

Take an engaging mix of Hatha Yoga sessions to strengthen, detox, invigorate and restore and add a good dash of sea air and stunning countryside. Fold in Meditations, Mindfulness and breathing techniques and mix the whole thing with fresh, organic vegan meals and cold pressed juices and you have a stunning recipe for a Wellbeing kickstart.

I believe internal negative chatter and self doubt can wreak havoc on Wellbeing so Heart & Sole Yoga & Wellbeing Retreats introduce guests to ideas which can help increase motivation & confidence and improve the quality of thought patterns.

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A Personal Plan is great for individuals who are happy to work alone and will give a precise schedule of exercises every day for 4 weeks. For folks who prefer to work out with friends, the SGT sessions will offer comradery, support and encouragement and it can be more affordable.

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My Story

A holistic approach is required to achieve any kind of balance in life. The ability of any person to change and become strong in both mind and body is the inspiration for my work. I combine 20 years of experience as a Personal Fitness Instructor and Yoga teacher with comprehensive knowledge of nutrition, natural remedies and juicing. In addition to this, my work is informed by my skills as an NLP coach and passion for mindfulness and meditation. My holistic approach enables clients to realise their full potential, overcome personal challenges and achieve their goals.

Seventeen years ago, I gave up a career in IT to raise four children. During that time I pursued my group exercise trainer career and continued my work and study in the fitness industry. As my children grew older and started fleeing the nest, I had my own crisis of confidence. I became aware that in giving so much of myself to others, I had lost my own identity. This story is not an unusual one, as I became aware, but it is not a helpless story either. I was able to change my way of thinking to improve my confidence, finances and career and it is my wish to help other women to do the same. Though the changes I made were small, the effects have been profoundly positive and have impacted both me and the people around me.


I wanted to share some of the incredible things guests have said about my retreats. I truly appreciate the diversity of the women who I’ve met. All of them have made such positive changes in their lives, it’s been a huge pleasure to be a part of.

There is a phrase: ‘50 is new 30’. I did not believe it until I met Sandra. Inspiring, challenging, energizing!


Sandra leads all sessions with great encouragement, motivation, enthusiasm and with a kind, friendly humour that does not make a work out feel intimidating whatever your level. Above all, she knows her stuff well and puts your safety and guidance first during fitness workout sessions.


Thanks Sandra. I am aware that I was a bit of a challenge to you but I felt it was best to be honest about what I wanted to do. If you can motivate me to do exercise you can probably motivate anybody ! I never thought I would own and use anything made of lycra! I really needed help to get started so that it became part of my routine and you have been so supportive that I have definitely changed my habits and I am sure I will carry on.


Ever since I've started Sandra's classes I've become a fan. Both her steps and hard core exercise sessions are superb. It's amazing to feel the improvement in my performance. I would go even just for the fun we are having in the sessions so this has been a bonus.


What an amazing weekend with wonderful people. The mixture of relaxation and exercise was perfectly coordinated!

Diana Reid

Wellbeing Retreats

Highly recommended fab weekend. A time out of a busy life to recharge batteries, explore feelings and goals, eat healthily, exercise and make new friends. Took lots from it - all good.


Retired Head Teacher

The weekend was a great success and I would highly recommend anyone to attend. It was very affirming and had an atmosphere of calm and security, as well as fun.


Retired Head Teacher

I would thoroughly recommend it, I made lasting friendships and feel more energised, confident and positive about the future.


Retired Swim Instructor

What an absolute treat to have the opportunity to be somewhere, with lovely people, where I could disconnect from the world for a while and really bring the focus back to me! This is a fabulous, relaxing, yet energising retreat, where you can get an introduction to lots of different ways you can help yourself in life going forward.  Never did I imagine for one second that I'd do as much as we did and yet still feel super-relaxed throughout.  Plus, I felt as though all I did was eat and drink amazing food (healthy, too!).  I'd recommend this to anybody looking for 'what next' in a heartbeat.  Thanks for the toolkit, Sandra!

Sharon Ryan

Devon Editor of Muddy Stilettos

I totally loved the whole experience from the beautiful coastal surroundings, 5-star accommodation, to the gorgeous food and varied timetable of activities.

I have to say, I was a little nervous and apprehensive before the weekend. I have never done meditation, mindfulness exercises or yoga before. I wasn’t sure if I would ‘get it’ or how I would fit it into my lifestyle.

I need not have worried. Sandra is an awesome teacher/leader and was very pragmatic in her approach explaining how the experiences and practices can be used and adapted by everyone.
Thank you Sandra! A thoroughly enjoyable and thought provoking experience... Off to buy a juicer and a copy of ‘Goddesses Never Age’!


Teacher from Cornwall

Anyone who knows me knows that I love being by the sea, I also love getting a chance to recuperate, recharge my batteries and re-energise. It’s not often all of these things come together so magically but being part of Sandra’s Retreat ticked every box.
Sandra is a fitness expert with a comprehensive knowledge of nutrition natural remedies and juicing, she is also an NLP practitioner, and has a passion for mindfulness and meditation, all of these elements show up in this wonderfully relaxing yet definitely energising two-day retreat, which Sandra offers in various different guises in both Devon and Northumberland.
Sandra’s enthusiasm was infectious. She has us walking, working out on the beach and part of her plans involved guests ruminating on their deepest desires and then venturing off for an evening ceremonial ‘burning’ of the writing.
It was a full weekend. Sandra gently encourages us to reach our full potential, to reinvent ourselves, as we peel away our limiting beliefs and create a magical outcome. She encouraged a gratitude list, and our ‘wish list’ we spent a few hours creating our own vision boards. It was a joy to paint, colour and stick pictures on the board alongside some lovely women, who started out as strangers and became friends.
In addition to the holistic approach to everything I felt wonderfully pampered with superfood juices, delicious veggie food, breakfast smoothies, amazing vegan moussaka to name just a few. But it was the desserts that will go down in history, man alive – we had the most incredible raw chocolate cake EVER! OK so this wasn’t a retreat to lose weight, but it was all incredibly healthy food, and who doesn’t like cake by the ocean?
Sandra is so friendly, knowledgeable and enthusiastic, and this is a very ‘realistic’ retreat for all women, we’re not talking a boot camp, or a restrictive programme, this is very relaxed and holistic. I arrived feeling pretty exhausted and stressed out, I left with renewed energy, determination and my mojo back.

Janey Lee Grace

BBC Radio 1 Presenter and Best Selling Author

Food was amazing!! Never tried so many new things before. Tasty, filling, beautifully prepared and presented – FAB!
I must admit I was a little apprehensive about spending the weekend with complete strangers but by the time I left I felt as if I had known everyone forever.
I felt a little off on Monday but have realised it was my body detoxing and felt great afterwards. People have commented that I am glowing - always a nice compliment!

Wendy Turner

Academic Tutor

Hardwick Hall Park.
In the past, I have always felt suffocated by life. People always talk about self care and taking time for myself, this is so difficult when life pulls you in different directions.
Working with Heart and Sole has given me the opportunity to breathe and learn the skills to help me to live and think again.

Louise Porter

Hardwick Hall Park.
A brilliant course ran by a brilliant teacher. Small groups of like-minded people coming together to create positivity.

Kerry Brooker

Hardwick Hall Park.
Sandra is a thoughtful and energising person. Her course has not only relaxed me but has inspired me to think of a brighter future!
Thank you Sandra !

Samantha Gravells

Hardwick Hall Park.
Wonderful, vibrant lady and teacher. Pleasant in personality and manner. A good listener also. Sandra gave us all extra tips to take on board to think about ourselves. Thank you so much for allowing me to attend and be part of this course x

Lesley Wingfield

A wonderful course learning to show gratitude, improving thought patterns and to just relax in a beautiful environment. A chance to meet some wonderful people and learn more about yourself and how wonderful you are. Sandra, the course leader, is a pleasure to be in the company of. Thank you xx

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