7 day Juice Programme – Diary of a juicer

By Sandra Watson,

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7 Day Juice Programme

I’ve just completed another 7 day Juice Programme and have an urgent need to speak to the world about it!

By a 7 day Juice Programme, I mean 7 days with nothing but freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices and water. I call it a ‘programme’ rather than a ‘fast’ specifically because a ‘fast’ implies the starvation of the body which conjures up eating disorders and all things unhealthy, unbalanced and slightly desperate.

The 7 day juice programme instead, nurtures and cleanses the body. It denies all things unhealthy and damaging and replaces instead with rich plant elixirs bursting with nutrients and goodness. A juice programme rehydrates the body and brings great balance back.

On my 7 day programmes, I spread 5 juices out evenly throughout the day. Each juice is about 400ml and is crammed full of goodies – vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytochemicals.

I don’t change my fitness programme when I’m juicing. I can still run and still swim and do yoga and strength workouts, although if I’m completely honest, I don’t push myself to the limits! I can still teach my group classes 2 or 3 times a day, in fact the juicing makes meals on-the-go between classes much easier.

Keeping active is a key element of the detoxification process. By keeping the body moving it maintains its metabolic rate throughout the day and helps with the elimination of toxins.

I do get a few hunger pangs sometimes between my juices but mostly when I’m at home and cooking for the teenagers. Being so close to temptations really tests the resolve!

Yes, some weight loss is inevitable but only maintainable if the cessation of any poor, damaging eating habits is also maintained. After the week programme though, this maintenance seems easy as you feel like you’ve been given a fresh body. Like a new car, your body feels clean, smells good and you promise never to eat flaky pastry in there again so you keep that state forever!!

So in essence you only need the initial willpower to commit to a strict 7 day Juice Programme. The subsequent commitment, I find doesn’t need willpower. It’s much easier as that initial 7 day kick-start really cultivates a desire to stay healthy.

Let me outline a few of the benefits you will probably experience

–        Loads more productive energy. Less brain fog. Energy and clarity to complete tasks with renewed fervour.

–        Energy to swim and run and complete daily workouts

–        Whiter, cleaner teeth

–        Whiter nails

–        Clear/clean on the inside

–        Clearer complexion, reduced bags under the eyes

–        Clothes look better on, not quite so tight

–        A real appreciation of good food

–        More mindful eating. More mindful shopping

I’m not suggesting anyone should plan on eating only juice for the rest of their lives!! Personally, I certainly miss the solids and being able to chew! I do, however, use juicing to supplement my diet. I always use juice as a ‘fast’ food or a meal-on-the-go if I’m travelling or in a hurry. Every 3 or 4 months I do a full week Juice Detox to reset and balance my body.

So why not join myself and Tonja on our weekend Juice Retreat on May 5th to 7th.

Your two qualified and experienced coaches will steer you through the entire experience and support your every need. We’ll guide you in gentle exercise and meditations and mindfulness. You’ll be entirely taken care of and surrounded by other Juice Buddies undergoing the same transformation!

Contact Sandra at Sandra@heartandsolewellbeing.co.uk for much more information on all our retreats.





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