The Creation of a Vision Board

By Sandra Watson,

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The creation of a Vision Board is a significant benefit in our overcrowded, fast paced lives. All of us can easily lose sight of our purpose in life and our vision for our bright and positive future!

A Vison Board is a simple concept. It’s a very personal collection of images, symbols, quotes and thoughts collated together on a board of some description which embodies a vision for our lives. The vision represents the positive and inspiring life we want to lead and generally sums up the feeling of being that unrestricted, happy, loved person we want to be.

It doesn’t just epitomise what we think our lives ‘Should’ look like as this infers negativity, struggle and lack. More important is what our lives ‘Could’ look like when we silence the negative chatter in our minds and open ourselves up to possibility.

Once we have tangible representation for our vision, in the form of a Vison Board, we can more wholeheartedly start to believe our intentions. Our minds respond very strongly to visual representation so the vision board then acts as a great reinforcement for those intentions.

Creating a Vision Board is essentially a visualisation exercise similar to those used by top athletes to improve performance. By imagining the feeling of having this, doing that or being the other, our Vison Boards can come to life!

Start by painting or decorating the board in a way that follows your mood, without trying to explain or force anything.

On Heart and Sole Wellbeing Retreats, we then use a stack of varied magazines from a real mix of interests to help trigger new and wide-ranging ideas. We basically cut, arrange and stick our images to the board. The more we focus on the things that make us feel good, the more ideas start popping up. I also recommend using handwritten notes, or quotes as there’s an energy about actually handwriting goals.  

There are no rules. Use anything that will help bring the board to life and make it personal. If there’s a struggle to get started, it helps to start thinking about specific events or goals connected to relationships, career, finances, home, travel, spirituality, social life, education and health.

I’ve seen boards with a central theme and ones with a different theme for each part of the board.

At Heart and Sole Wellbeing Retreats, we allocate an entire afternoon to creating our Vision Board. Just imagine the chance to move out of your head and into your heart, stirring emotions of tears and laughter during this incredibly calming, stabilising and creative activity that bonds the group beautifully.

At our retreats, all equipment is provided and each guest gets to take their completed board home with them to hang or prop in a prominent place as a constant reminder of the direction our life is going!

For more information on our Retreat dates for 2018 available click here!

As always, contact me if you need more information.

Sandra x

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