Detoxing Juice and Hangover Remedy!

By Sandra Watson,

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detoxing juice ingredients and finished product with juicer

Need a Hangover Remedy or a Detoxing Juice for the start of the New Year? Try this incredibly healing and cleansing carrot and ginger juice to get you feeling vibrant and energised again this New Year!

Too much alcohol can leave you dehydrated and with a lowered immunity. Too many sugary or fatty foods can increase inflammation in the body. Inflammation is a precursor to many of the harmful, chronic diseases such as diabetes, arthritis and heart disease.

This yummy hydrating juice is loaded with vitamin C to boost the immune system. It’s loaded with anti-inflammatories and anti oxidants. The carrots aid the liver’s function of cleansing and detoxing and the ginger is a great natural remedy for headaches and stomach upsets making this a perfect hangover remedy to help kick start a new healthy you this New Year!


1kg carrots

½ lemon

1 chunk of ginger

1 apple

Wash and juice all ingredients with the skins left on.

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