Everyday Bravery – Fears We Have To Overcome To Grow

By Sandra Watson,

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Everyday Bravery is summed up by Sheryl Sandberg quote 'ask yourself- what would I do if I weren't afraid... and then go do it'

Let me know your stories of Everyday Bravery… Have you or someone you know, finally done something that’s been on the bucket list forever? Signed up for something new? Overcome a personal fear? I refer to these acts as Everyday Bravery.

Contact me with your stories of stepping out of your comfort zone and I’ll feature them here over the  next few months – let’s inspire each other to GO DO IT!!

My first story – This lady here has always loved music. Loves dancing and singing whenever something comes on the radio but has never done anything with this passion formally. This year, Jean turns 80 and last week she finally plucked up courage to join a local choir. Apparently she was so nervous standing up to sing for the first time with the group that she thought she was going to faint …but didn’t… and instead, loved, loved, loved it and will be singing in her new choir at the Village May Queen this month!!

Stepping out of your comfort zone helps you to grow in ability and confidence but that initial move takes courage.

Over the next few months, I’ll be posting snippets of Everyday Bravery mustered by everyday women. Women who have felt the fear and gone through with it anyway!

I want to focus on the seemingly small stuff that for an individual is grand scale.

Few acts of personal bravery are significant for others but nevertheless, for the individual demand overcoming massive nervous anxiety, ridicule or fear of failure. My retreats give guests confidence to overcome fears, they help stop the self criticism that paralyses people into thinking they can’t do things and they inspire us to create magical outcomes for ourselves. Find out more about our Autumn dates here.

So let me know your stories, big or small, of Everyday Bravery… Contact me here

let’s inspire each other to GO DO IT!! xx


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