Guided Meditation for Reducing Stress

By Sandra Watson,

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Fairy lights in a lantern with a calming feeling for a guided meditation

Guided meditations are an important part of our weekend retreats to help bring ease and relaxation to our guests. Allowing the mind to step aside from the niggles of the past and giving the mind permission not to dwell on the future helps quieten the chatter in the head and leads to fuller relaxation. The guided meditation sessions focus on natural breathing patterns to help free stress and anxiety and having the right external environment for this can be key to maintaining attention throughout the meditation.

 I have found a wonderful new company to supply us with the most gorgeously scented candles to create a perfect environment for the meditation sessions.

Orpheus candles are a small family based company with many years of experience in perfecting the art of candle making. I’ve been using their heavenly lavender, rosemary and wild mint which is a perfectly calming partner for meditation.

Based in the ancient county of Northumberland, UK., Orpheus create handmade candles from the finest quality ingredients sourced in the UK.

The company was born out of a passion for making the perfect candle using pure essential oils with traditional techniques and equipment. They pride themselves on making the most perfectly balanced candles to help bring peace, calm and a sense of tranquillity.

The candles are all made from 100% pure essential oils and each candle comes with a free relaxation CD which has been produced by Orpheus also.

Each candle is vigorously tested (3-4 months) to create the flawless blend between balance, sent throw, burn time and refinement. Everything they produce has a personal touch and created by hand, including all our packaging, labels and printing. Find out more about Orpheus Candles here.

 If you’d like any more information about my Wellbeing Retreats for 2018 or about anything else I do contact me here!

Sandra x

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