Heart & Sole Wellbeing: Website Launch

By Sandra Watson,

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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my beautiful, new website for Heart and Sole Wellbeing.

A new look. A new start.

The brand needed to change to reflect all that I offer and I’m super happy with the results – please let me know what you think!

I have a new logo and a new name but the important parts are staying the same. I am still absolutely loving teaching group fitness classes and coaching private sessions, I am still writing fitness plans, I am still passionate about healthy nutrition and juicing and mindfulness and the power of thought to change outcomes but as I am progressing through life, I’m realising I want to do more and I can do more than just practice these individual elements.

I’m bringing all of these elements together for the weekend retreats.

They are specifically for women.

Betty Friedan’s profound intuition in her book of the 1960s points out that “women can only find their identity in work that uses their full capacities” – it’s a wise and timeless observation.  The retreats are a fully holistic approach to help women feel more in control of their health, their wealth and their future. I combine all elements of physical fitness with juicing, superfood nutrition, meditation, NLP, creative visioning and mindfulness in a weekend which is both relaxing and energising

Many Women feel guilty about spending money on their own advancement so I’ve created Gift Certificates so someone else can treat them for a brand new start in the New Year! They can be purchased online and also at the gorgeous gift emporium Attico, in Westbourne –  www. atticogroup.co.uk

I’ve got a bunch of retreats lined up in the New Year. The early ones will focus on detoxing and juicing to help ease the excesses of Christmas but they all will include plenty of juicing.

I’ve had such incredible feedback from the women who’ve attended this year. Take a look at the testimonials page to read what these women are saying – I am so lucky being a part of these changes!

I believe most women aren’t given enough opportunity to grow.

I believe most women never give themselves priority and risk losing their own identity through living someone else’s vision.

I think many women doubt that they may be capable of more.

My Retreats are for all of these women.

Come and join us in 2018!

I’m looking forward to meeting you all!

Sandra x

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