I just entered us to the Berlin Marathon- Happy Anniversary Sweetie!

By Sandra Watson,

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I just entered us in to the Berlin Marathon- Happy Anniversary Sweetie!

The last time I ran a marathon I vowed never to run another unless I could be significantly faster to shorten the window of my agony. Last week, the Sunday Times printed a promising article about 50-55 year olds being significantly faster than their 20 – 24 age counterparts. Being in that former category, I thought this might be a good omen. A sign. The universe telling me something. In any case, that seed had been sown and was sprouting into a plan of action.

How do you celebrate 24 years of marriage? We’re another year off qualifying for a big romantic holiday or a family party, and the suggested gift sites tell me a musical instrument is appropriate this year. I think they have their facts wrong.  I think months of sore feet, aching muscles and energy sapping early starts followed by hours of intense discomfort on race day might be more appropriate. As blissful serendipity would have it, our Wedding Anniversary coincides beautifully with the Berlin Marathon – The choice of gift was then obvious.

So now to find compelling evidence to prove that my choice to enter the Berlin Marathon was a good one….

We’re certainly not beginners to running and we’re both fit so it’s only a notch up from what we’re doing already. It’s not a ridiculous idea, it’s a challenge! This challenge is to improve our time from 3 years ago despite being 3 years further into ‘middle age’!

It can be thought of as the best gift ever. The gift of fitness. The gift of vitality and of youthful adventure in the face of advancing middle age.

I’m looking forward to long weekend runs together followed by ice baths and foot rubs. This gift is in fact me at my most romantic.

I’m not going to lie, the most compelling has to be that this may well be our best shot at beating our previous times. Berlin holds the most world record times for men and women, most probably because of its nice flat profile and even road surface.

It’s at a good time of year for a marathon. Temperature in late September should be relatively mild so no scorching sun on the day (having said that, we’ve lived in County Durham for the last 18 months and any temperature in the mid teens is classed as a scorcher now). Training is going to be through spring and summer with nice long, light days so there’s no morning or evening training sessions in the dark.

The Berlin crowds, I’ve been assured, offer fabulous support on the day which is a massive bonus.

Lastly but by no means least, we haven’t explored Berlin yet so provided we can still walk, we can be tourists for a few days after the event too.

So we’re signed up, booked in and committed to 5 months of training and it feels fabulous to be on a mission, to have a plan, to have set a tough performance goal.

Follow our progress every Monday over the coming months and please let me know how your own training for your own event is going!



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