Juicing for Students – the perfect solution!

By Sandra Watson,

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Students holding up first glasses of homemade juice

When I first started thinking about juicing for students, I could see there were going to be quite a few benefits. Having thought about it in more detail, I’ve come to realise that juicing for students is actually a nigh on perfect solution to helping overworked students maintain their physical and mental health. Read on for the Top 10 benefits of juicing for students!

My oldest daughter has just gone back to University for the last term of her second year. It’ll probably be a familiar story across all Universities and schools this term. For my daughter, it’s a term of long study days with key exams and typically the amount of good nutrition for brain function and energy and general sanity she’ll need will be inversely proportional to the amount of free time and inspiration she’ll have for food preparation.

Even the most resilient and self sufficient youngsters must struggle with the volume of academic work along with new demands for domesticity. Using freshly squeezed fruit and veg  juices as a supplement to the diet could well be the healthy way forward all year round but especially in exam term to boost creativity, alertness and concentration.

So I’ve packed my daughter off with a juicer. She’s been very happy to drink the juices I’ve mixed over the holidays and is seeing the benefits herself without my harping on but still there’s a danger this could be another craze so I want this to be a starter juicer to get her up and running. Also, as cost is a big consideration for students, I wanted to find a good quality masticating juicer that wasn’t going to be too pricey. As all juicers are NOT created equal, check here for a great website that has detailed explanations of the pros and cons of different juicer types to help you choose the best one for your needs.

Top 10 benefits of juicing for students

  • It’s cheap  – the cost of most fruit and veg is still very affordable
  • Easy way to eat 1kg of veg in one sitting
  • Supremely high level of nutrient density
  • Fast assimilation of nutrients into the blood (10-15 mins) as no fibre to digest
  • Fits well with a vegan/vegetarian diet that can be very tricky to maintain healthily in a student environment.
  • High organic water content of juices makes them a fabulous source for keeping the brain hydrated.
  • Super clean – no additives and no nutrients lost in the oxidation process after juicing
  • Fresh juices are a great hangover cures for detoxing the liver and rehydrating so fits well with the student lifestyle
  • Stress related issues are linked with high levels in inflammation in the body. Many of the pure nutrients found in fresh fruit and vegetable juices can help ease these levels of inflammation to help prevent chronic illnesses.
  • Easy way to sneak in tastes that you wouldn’t normally go for and hide them under the sweetness of something else.

Featured photo is Hannah with an apple, carrot and ginger juice – plenty of zing!

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