Juicing – The Ultimate Healthy Fast Food

By Sandra Watson,

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Juicing really does win hands down as the Ultimate Healthy Fast Food!

Having served fresh, cold pressed, juice shots to the creative and technical folks at the Festival of Innovation in Newcastle this month, I have a new respect for the powers of juicing!

We had hundreds of juice converts, attributing the ability to stay keenly awake and creative to the great powers of a fresh, cold pressed juice!!!

If you haven’t experienced the “K-POW !!” of a Ginger Shot yet, read on! I’ve included some quotes from the Festival and outlined some the amazing benefits of adding juices to your diet and therefore why I believe Juice has to be the ultimate, healthy fast food!!

Cold pressed juices are fibre free, so nutrients get into the blood stream in 10-15 minutes without sluggish digestion slowing down their uptake.

“It’s like an Expresso without the energy slump afterwards!”

Can eat fruit and vegetables in much greater quantity – “whenever else could you face 1kg of carrots for a midmorning snack?”

The ultimate in fast food – quick and easy to prepare

A great snack/drink before and during exercise as no waiting around for it to be digested. Just drink and go!

Great to use as exercise recovery drinks especially with extra spirulina or wheatgrass protein.

Perfect for a busy day of meetings when you need brain energy but have no time to stop for a decent meal

Perfect for a busy day of driving where you need to stay awake and not get that post meal sleepiness

Great for keeping your weight in check – All of the nutrients with low fat, low sugar and low salt

An amazing way to get children to eat vegetables and to experiment with their own concoctions

Great for patient recovery especially if appetite has diminished


As always, contact me for further information on juicing, juice retreats and ideas on how to get started!!

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