Keeping Faith – How to Stay Strong and Positive

By Sandra Watson,

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Keeping Faith

What does this expression mean to you? Having conviction in what you believe to be true? Knowing your values? Believing with all your heart?

Keeping Faith is also an incredible BBC Wales TV Drama that had me gripped earlier in the year when I watched it on I-player. It’s set to  be repeated on BBC1 starting Thursday 12th July at 9pm.

Let me tell you about by experience of Keeping Faith the BBC Drama.

Faith Howells is a woman and mother we can all recognise in ourselves at some level. She is an intelligent and compassionate lawyer but her time and sanity have been hijacked by two adorable daughters and a new born son.  She is currently on maternity leave and has taken her eye off the ball at the family law firm that she and her husband run together.

Faith’s world is rocked in the first 30 minutes of episode 1 when her husband leaves the chaotic, nappy strewn family home for the office one day and simply disappears.

In just 8 episodes, Faith confronts a deluge of challenging scenarios and seismic revelations about her husband. But what is so riveting is that despite all the complete melt downs, Faith copes and learns. Each experience makes her more determined. As Eleanor Roosevelt insightfully once observed, “A Woman is like a tea bag – put her in hot water and she gets stronger”.

With her husband absent, she is forced to represent their clients in court to cover for him. Along with investigating his disappearance, she also needs to continue with the minutiae of domesticity – Who will look after the baby? Who will pick the girls up from school? Who will cook tea for them and check them for verrucas?


The amazing Eve Myles stars as Faith. It’s incredibly empowering for women to see themselves in a lead role. Great scenes like wiping her armpits with wet paper towels in the ladies before going in to court, shoving a banana in her mouth at the same time as bundling children and bags into the car, crumpling in emotional pain, panicking, shouting and swearing… BUT still coping!!!

Faith is relatable. She’s smart and she’s tough. Her quick brain, authenticity and passion help her fight her way through this. It’s so refreshing to watch a naturally beautiful woman sweat and swear and scream her way through challenges with raw nerve and emotion.

Faith, as her name suggests has the tremendous qualities of faith and optimism. She has a wonderfully refreshing, non-judgemental approach to the characters she defends in court. She displays both forgiveness and gratitude.

How can anyone forgive someone who has wronged you so badly and caused such pain? Faith displays forgiveness with supreme elegance and sincerity.  Hate is an easy and lazy thing. Faith is neither lazy nor does she take the easy route ever! She forgives, not because forgiveness will gain her anything or prove anything. On the contrary – It just releases her from her own pain of holding on to resentments.

As events unfold, the values in Faith’s life become highlighted. She recognises that her children are her primary factor and when life has stripped everything away she can express true gratitude to just having her children with her.

Unsurprisingly Keeping Faith was produced and directed by a female, the brilliant Pip Broughton. The hypnotic music was written and performed by another very talented female, Amy Wadge.

This is women at their very best on every level!

It encapsulates wonderfully the elements of confidence, positivity and gratitude that Heart and Sole promote on the Wellbeing Retreats.

Faith Howells is a lesson to us all in how to handle what life throws at us. Keeping Faith will make you reflect on what’s most important in your life, be grateful, forgive, have faith, never give up, make you feel brave and of course buy yourself a yellow mac!

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Sandra  X

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