Why the Kettle Bell Swing is my favourite exercise

By Sandra Watson,

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Kettle Bell Swing muscles used

Kettle Bell Swing muscles used

The Kettle Bell Swing  has to be one of my favourite exercises and I’m hoping to explain why and convert any non-believers to my way of thinking!

Three key components of my personality make this in my top 5 exercises of all time: 1. I’m always busy. Time is always at a premium. I’m a natural multi tasker to get more out of life. KB swings are relatively quick and require only a simple Kettle Bell and I can work a multitude of muscles and systems whilst doing them.

2. I like value for money, more bang for my buck. I don’t mind working hard but I like recompense for my efforts. The kettle bell swing pays well.

3. I’m a visual person and ever so slightly impatient. I like to see changes quite quickly! KB swings progress levels of fitness relatively quickly.

So if any of this sounds familiar, let me explain what KB swings can do for you!

The kettle bell swing is an incredibly powerful compound move working ALL posterior chain muscles from the neck to the heels. If that wasn’t enough, it also works a bunch of anterior muscles too, namely quads, deltoids and abs. The kettle bell swing is also a fabulous cardio vascular workout if the reps are kept high (at least 20 per set but closer to 50). It’s a mammoth calorie burner. They’ll make you sweat buckets.

On top of all the muscular strength and endurance benefits, the kettle bell swing is great for improving coordination, balance and body awareness. It’s performed at high velocity so bear in mind that the force of momentum is being utilised as well as muscular strength. Don’

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