When Life Gives You Lemons… Juice Them!

By Sandra Watson,

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three great juices
When life gives you lemons … juice them!

Everyone I know seems to have been sniffling to some degree this week.  It seems unavoidable at this time of year but we can at least give our body the best chance ever to fight bugs by feeding it well to strengthen its immune system. My advice is to get the juicer out and build up the immunity by taking one or more freshly squeezed juices daily rather than waiting for something to knock it down.

I’ve got some great juice recipes below. None of these juices can stop the body from catching a cold virus but will bolster up the immune system to increase the speed of recovery.

One of the great benefits of juicing is that the fibre is removed from the produce, removing the sluggish process of digestion. This preservation of energy allows the body to concentrate more fully on recovery and the nutrients can be absorbed faster – mostly within 10-15 minutes.

Another great benefit is that bigger quantities of produce can be consumed without feeling over full. Whenever else would you sit and chomp down on 1kg of carrots, especially unlikely when you’re feeling under the weather!

Look out for organic produce where possible but there is some evidence that many chemicals in nonorganic fruit and veg is contained within the fibre and as this is removed during the juicing process then non-organic is fine to use and better than nothing if organic just isn’t available. 

My top 3 vitamins for a strong immune system are vitamins C, B6 and E.

Vitamin C. One of the biggest immune system boosters of all, a lack of it can make you more prone to getting sick.  As your body doesn’t produce or store Vitamin C, daily intake of it is essential. Great sources for juicing are citrus fruits, blueberries, balboa, carrots.

Vitamin B6.  Vital to supporting biochemical reactions in the immune system.  Vitamin B6-rich produce for juicing includes leafy green vegetables, wheatgrass, spirulina and moringa.

Vitamin E. A powerful antioxidant that helps the body fight off infection. Good sources for juicing are spinach and sweet potato.

The powders mentioned in the recipes are considered powerful superfoods that contain high levels of nutrients. Buy organic versions. Most can now be purchased in mainstream supermarkets if not, your local health food shop will be able to help.

Lemony Water
It’s so easy to start the day with a mug of lemony water. It’s a great source of Vitamin C and lemons help to restore the PH of the body. Simply mix the juice of ½ lemon with filtered water.

Flu Fighter 
1kg carrots
1 large sweet potato, skin on
3 oranges, skin off
1 lemon, skin on
2cm ring of pineapple, skin off
1 tsp baobab powder 
Juice all the produce and then stir in the baobab powder

Green Machine 
2 pears, skin on
250g spinach
2 apples, skin on but cored
1 lemon, skin on
½ cucumber, skin on
2cm ring of pineapple, skin off
1tsp moringa powder
1tsp wheatgrass powder
1 tsp spirulina powder
Juice all the produce and then stir in the moringa, wheatgrass and spirulina. 


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