Matcha Tea – The Champagne of Green Tea

By Sandra Watson,

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A plate of matcha tea slices.

Matcha tea is not just another type of green tea. It is the champagne of green tea, made from the finest shade-grown leaves stone-ground to a fine powder. We use matcha tea in a whole variety of ways during our Wellbeing Retreats for both our ceremonial tea drinking and in many of our weekend dishes. It’s a great energy booster and loaded with antioxidants. Pictured are our yummy peppermint matcha slices – raw, organic and oozing with nutrients – recipe to follow shortly!

As I use it to such an extent,  I was delighted when Janey Lee Grace who attended our September weekend (see her review here) recommended OMGtea, a cool new company she had been working with who could help supply me with a premium quality matcha tea.

OMGtea founded by Kathrine Swift, brings both passion and intelligence to the table. What’s special about them is that they work closely with UK leading medical professionals. All the medical articles on their website are written and or reviewed by a Medical Advisory Board to ensure their accuracy. They also work together conducting scientific and clinical studies which leave no doubt as to the superior health benefits of matcha, for ageing, age related diseases, weight loss and breast cancer.

Their back story is incredibly moving. In 2010 Katherine’s mother was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and Katherine became involved in supporting some ground breaking research which amongst other things highlighted the benefits of antioxidants in our diets. Katherine found a blend of Organic Matcha Green Tea with such an astonishing level of antioxidants (137 times that of regular green tea!) that they started drinking it immediately and have never looked back!

Japanese matcha comes from the same tea plant (Camellia Sinensis) as all teas but about 4 weeks before it is harvested the matcha tea field is shaded in bamboo, resulting in a 90% reduction of sunlight. The plants, now growing almost in the dark, compensate for the lack of light by an intense production of chlorophyll making the leaves rich in amino acids, the process encourages the chlorophyll to rise to the top and then at the time of the harvest only the youngest most tender, emerald green leaves are picked from the top third of the bush.

Only the highest quality leaves are selected and stone ground into superfine matcha powder.

This very fine powder is mixed with water and drunk rather than being brewed and the leaves (or tea bag) discarded. This means that you get all the benefits of the matcha tea in every cup you drink – nothing is thrown away.

OMGtea can give you natural boost for hours, the perfect way to start the day!!! Whilst also reducing the desire to snack and seek short term energy boosters like coffee!  Take a look at their website for oodles more matcha information, recipes and reports.

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