Muddy Stilettos ~ “Think of February as the Real January…!”

By Sandra Watson,

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The Heart & Sole Retreat

Devon Editor for Muddy Stilettos, Sharon Ryan, writes,

“January sucked, but February needn’t mean a complete tumble off the healthy-living wagon. Try this awesome retreat, instead…

Now that January is behind us (raspberries to you, you party pooping month), the urge to slide off whatever wagon you were on and fall right back into naughty old habits is all too real, isn’t it? But if you’ve been putting yourself through some kind of intense exercise programme, or complete abstinence from wine or chocolate, it was never going to be sustainable, was it?

Pardon me for getting all finger-waggy for a moment though, but didn’t you want this to be the year of making some lifestyle changes? How’s that ever going to happen if you slip right back into the 2017 you?

Maybe we should think of February as the real January.  Now we’re all back into the rhythm of life, we can finally start the year as we mean to go on and focus on the changes we really want to happen. That’s why I reckon now is the time to tell you about a Heart & Sole wellbeing retreat I took myself off to recently; a retreat that’s designed to transform your outlook on life, it’s challenges and inspire you to make those changes, big or small. These weekend retreats don’t cost a small mortgage, nor are they in some far flung land; because that would be silly when we have the most inspiring landscapes right here, wouldn’t it?  They’re held in a cracking spot in South Devon and they’re awesome.  Here’s why…”

Link here for the full version of Sharon Ryan’s awesome review on the Muddy Stilettos Blog!

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Sandra x


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