Now What? The Transformational Changes Ahead of Us

By Sandra Watson,

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Now What? For some, Autumn is the ending of this year’s life and signals the start of a period of dormancy for the colder, darker months. It’s the season of change and we can be left asking ourselves ‘Now What?’


For me, Autumn is the makeover season.

A time of significant changes. A gardening friend once advised me that for many plants, Autumn was the best time to bed in new plants. Externally not much appears to be happening but underground the roots are growing and anchoring in preparation for a super showing of bloom and in the Spring.

Crook Hall Gardens, Durham

Granted, January brings a new numerical year along with the obligatory announcements for change but September is the real time for transformation, for moving out, for moving on, for moving up, for new universities, new schools, new courses, new jobs, new friends.

Any parent will agree that watching children progress through their educational years is always a great reminder of the passage of time.  ‘Back To School’ season normally brings with it changes in all households, making September a momentous month where we suddenly have more time to ourselves and begin to look inwards at our own lives and our own prospects.

Heart and Sole Wellbeing experiences are planned deliberately around this time to help guide women into getting the most out of their lives. To help kick start new projects and plans or to help add energy and momentum to existing projects. At Heart and Sole we don’t just work on improving fitness & nutrition, we include meditations, mindfulness, gratitude, confidence-building and we work on creating exciting futures for ourselves.

Why not take a look at the booking page for all our options.

There’s sure to be something that fits everyone’s schedule.

Here are just a few…

September 27th                1-day Wellbeing Experience, Beach house, Devon.

September 28th – 30th     2-night Residential Wellbeing Retreat, Beach House, Devon.

September 3rd – 24th       Monday afternoons Wellbeing Course, Crook Hall, County Durham.


Let’s start our own fabulous New Year this Autumn!!

Sandra x

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