4 week Fitness Plan


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I am passionate about fitness and activity, this for me is at the heart of my wellbeing. I’ve worked as a fitness coach for 25 years, I’ve delivered thousands of classes in dozens of genres and worked with individuals from all over the world. The Heart and Sole Fitness Plan is a detailed daily plan of activity aimed at achieving a specific goal. The plans are super easy to follow at home to really fire up an interest in getting fitter.

Goals will ideally be set after a Fitness Evaluation. I try to encourage clients to set specific, performance based goals rather than those relating to appearance – these goals are much easier to adhere to!

Plans are very personal to the individual’s needs and desires and are progressive in nature to ensure the body naturally adapts to new challenges.

The plan is broken down into daily activities with specific teaching points on all exercises and moves.

1:1 sessions can also be booked for extra guidance and motivation !



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