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By Sandra Watson,

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Snap up the chance to win a Soul and Spirit Giveaway. A two-day women’s wellbeing retreat, a 30-minute Skype lifestyle evaluation and a four-week wellness plan courtesy of Heart and Sole Wellbeing Retreats!

Soul and Spirit Magazine’s February Issue are featuring a massive Giveaway for Heart and Sole Wellbeing.

I’m offering the opportunity to win one of my fabulous weekends along with a bunch of other freebies. It’s really NOT to be missed!

Our weekends focus on healthy eating, exercise, confidence building, gratitude, the power of positive thought, meditation, vision board creation and mindfulness techniques.

Seventeen years ago, I gave up a career in IT to raise four children. As my children grew and started fleeing the nest, I had my own crisis of confidence. I became aware that in giving so much of myself to others, I had lost my own identity. This story is not unusual, and many women can relate to it.

To find myself again, I simply changed my way of thinking to improve my confidence, finances and regain my identity once more. My wish is to use this holistic approach to help others do the same.

Heart and Sole Wellbeing Retreats provide ‘me time’ to:

○ Re-energise with fitness sessions and delicious home-cooked vegan superfoods and juices.

○ An opportunity to refocus using the simple tools of NLP, mindfulness and guided meditations.

○ Reinvent yourself by peeling away limiting beliefs and create a magical outcome!

Imagine being able to keep the wonderful momentum of this weekend flowing after you’ve returned home! This Giveaway includes one of the upgrades from the basic retreat package.

A 4-week Fitness and Wellbeing programme to follow on from the weekend. As well as a detailed plan of daily exercise, this programme will include fabulous and fun mindfulness tasks, meditations and great juice and smoothie recipes to try!

Take a look at their online site here, sign up and let the Universe take care of the rest!!

Good Luck Everyone!

Sandra x

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