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Improving your general fitness and strength leads to a multitude of changes to the body, both physiologically and psychologically! The Top 15 benefits of improved fitness listed here are just the start. You’ll discover a new and better you in many, many other ways once you’ve made the commitment to a more active lifestyle!

Remember there a many facets to fitness and as a result, fitness means different things to different people. A well-structured, PERSONALISED plan will be able to target specific elements for an individual. What I’m referring to here are the benefits of a raise in OVERALL cardio vascular fitness (heart and lungs), muscle strength and endurance, flexibility, coordination and balance.

Many of these changes are interlinked and are contributors to other changes.Eg Postural improvements can lead to greater levels of confidence!

Once you’ve made the decision to up your activity levels, you’ll no doubt get hooked not only on the amazing changes you and others will SEE but the truly amazing new way you will FEEL!

  • Feel more energised
  • Sleep better
  • Lower resting heart rate which improves overall health
  • Improved posture due to stronger core muscles
  • Higher resting metabolic rate meaning you burn more calories at rest
  • Better appetite control
  • More capable of coping with the basic activities of daily living
  • Improved social life, from park runs, gym classes, events
  • Improved confidence, from achieving goals and improved posture
  • Move faster and more efficiently
  • Less susceptible to injury from improved balance and coordination
  • Weight loss
  • Better muscle tone, loss of inches
  • Improved clarity of thought
  • Improved enjoyment of life!!

Watch out for Heart and Sole’s free fitness plans being released soon to give you some guide lines and direction to get you started! As always, please contact me if you have any questions -I’m more than happy to help!

Have fun!

Sandra x

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