Water – Drink Up

By Sandra Watson,

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Water – Drink Up

If you have a fabulous party to go to tonight… lucky you!…just remember to drink water before you leave the house, alternate your alcohol and water throughout the night and drink water before you crawl into bed!

Nearly 2/3 of the body is comprised of water. Water regulates all functions. It acts as a means of transport in the body. Proteins and enzymes function far better in a fluid with a higher proportion of water.

As the body gets more dehydrated it becomes less accurate at recognising thirst. So, the more dehydrated your body becomes the less able you are to correct it.

Although the average human body is comprised of nearly 60% water, astonishingly the brain comprises around 73%.

Staying hydrated is key for brain power. It’s thought that being dehydrated by just 2% impairs performance in tasks that require attention and memory skills. Dehydration is thought to affect your mood, your cognitive and motor skills and makes you more sensitive to pain.

Staying hydrated helps prevent the dreaded morning after headache.

Water helps you to feel more full. Drinking a cup of water prior to your meal can act as a simple, natural appetite suppressant.

Drinking plenty of water helps keep skin cells hydrated thus reducing wrinkles and improving the softness of the complexion.

As mentioned above, water acts as a transport system for flushing out toxins through urine and sweat and helps push waste through the digestive system. The fast removal of toxins from the body empowers the immune system.

Growth depends on the availability of water. Every time a cell gives rise to a daughter cell, 75% of its volume needs to be filled with water.

F.Batmanghelidj’s book about Your Body’s Many Cries for WATER is a great reminder of the importance of water in every function of our lives.

He documents in great detail how most illnesses stem from merely being thirsty and treating these illnesses with medication then masks the underlying dehydration. He attributes conditions as diverse as anxiety, heartburn, cancer, arthritis, high blood pressure and high cholesterol to dehydration.

The book deserves a detailed read in 2019 but for now, have a fabulous party and ensure you start your 2019 safe and healthy and ready to start the New Year with Heart and Sole!!

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